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Let’s be clear! BKlear is not your ordinary bottled water, it is alkaline water wrapped in an eco friendly aluminum bottle. We are exposed to acids on a constant basis from environmental toxins, chemicals in our food, and chemicals in our air. Alkaline counteracts this acidic exposure and promotes overall health. Science shows us that alkaline water restores chemical balance in the body. This science is based on the concept of PH levels. Acid and alkaline are two opposites on the PH measurement scale ranging from 0 to 14. The higher the number, the higher the alkaline content. Regular drinking water measures in at 7 on the scale, whereas BKlear alkaline water is at a higher level, around 9+.



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BKlear has done wonders for me! Because I’m drinking so much water, I think that’s why I’m slimming down a bit and my skin is clearing.

Brandi R.

Trueman and Mahdi have struck liquid gold…

Charles H.

Let’s BKlear, this is the best water I have ever tasted

Sinclair C.

I’ve let other people taste it as well and they like it too!

Soda and juice goes untouched in our refrigerator. She’d rather have Bklear!
Noemi M.

If God bottled up his sweat…he’d name it BKlear!

Sean G.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan… now THIS is water!

Steven S.