Three years ago, what started out as a father and son project, has become a local water fad. The founder, a registered nurse and community health activist, thought if enough attention and demand for water could be attained, the benefits from its consumption could start a health revolution within the community. With an abundance of support, the BKlear Alkaline Water Enterprise, is now a team consisting of health enthusiasts: Rayna Andrews of the Healthy Food Movement, Trueman McGee of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, and Tristan White of Motion 22 Three Productions. All partners believe in prevention through nutrition and that BKlear is the first drop of a massive health wave.

Although the product is sourced out of California, the company and its partners are based in Milwaukee, WI. We are committed to and have dedicated our adult lives to improving our neighborhoods and community; from education to health administration. Although we have adopted #PreventionThroughNutrition as our mission, the overall growth and wellness of our community remains at the forefront. We make it a priority to build/network with small businesses that are dedicated to improving community life.

Let’s be clear! We are not your ordinary bottled water. BKlear is alkaline water wrapped in an eco-friendly aluminum. We are exposed to acids on a constant basis from toxins in our environment, the food we eat, and even the air we breathe. Alkaline counteracts this acidic exposure and promotes overall health. Science shows that alkaline water restores chemical balance in the body based on the concept of pH levels. Acid and alkaline are on opposite ends of the pH measurement scale which ranges from 0 – 14. The higher the number, the higher the alkaline content and overall quality of water. Regular drinking water measures at 7, whereas BKlear alkaline water measures at a level of 9+. It’s the clear choice!


Apart from drinking water to survive, there are many other uses for water. We can all agree that water is kind of a really big deal…right?! Well, since we are on the same page about water, let’s focus our sights on what houses the water we consume. Plastics bottles are counterproductive when it comes to our health. Diethylhexyl Phthalate (DEHP), the most abundant plasticizer, has been associated with the adverse reproductive health outcomes in both males and females. Drinking alkaline water from plastic is reminiscent of you drinking alkaline water from the toilet. The water matters…so does the container; lucky for you BKlear cared enough to focus on both!


As if we really need to dive deep into why recycling is important, let’s make it plain and clear: All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth. Apart from drinking it to survive, we must do our part to protect the very source that preserves our very existence.

BKlear has done wonders for me! Because I’m drinking so much water, I think that’s why I’m slimming down a bit and my skin is clearing.

Brandi R.

Trueman and Mahdi have struck liquid gold…

Charles H.

Let’s BKlear, this is the best water I have ever tasted

Sinclair C.

I’ve let other people taste it as well and they like it too!

Soda and juice goes untouched in our refrigerator. She’d rather have Bklear!
Noemi M.

If God bottled up his sweat…he’d name it BKlear!

Sean G.

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan… now THIS is water!

Steven S.